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Joy and Justice is a movement to engage residents of Alameda County in local government through voter registration, education, and advocacy. In response to voter suppression around the country, Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley is reaching out to his constituents and the voters of Alameda County to encourage them to strengthen their democracy, by getting involved!

“At this moment in history, we are seeing targeted voter suppression across our nation, specifically silencing black and brown voices, by preventing citizens of color from accessing their right to vote. At the same time, we see sparks of joy, embedded in the community. The Joy and Justice Movement will empower Alameda County residents with information to exercise their right to vote, and inspire action to protect rights and advocate for causes they care about, from a place of power.”

– Nate Miley

joy and justice


Budgeting process

Every year your City, County, and State convenes to decide what it will pay for the next year. What they decide has a huge impact on how to government serves your community. Want to have your say?

Attend Candidate Forum

In the lead up to local elections, community groups such as the League of Women Voters hold candidate forums and debates in which candidates speak directly to an audience about what they want to do and how they want to do it. Want to make an educated vote?

Run for a Board or Commission

You don’t have to run for office to serve in your government. There are numerous local and state bodies called Boards and Commissions which advice elected officials on important issues such as healthcare, housing, public safety, and planning. Want to be an expert and advise the decision makers?

Mobilize Underrepresented Voters

When communities vote, politicians listen. If one community votes less frequently than another, they may not be getting as much attention from their elected officials. By starting a voter registration drive, you can greatly amplify the voice of your community. Want to get your community involved?

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